Pricing/Packages - Partners In Diastasis Rehabilitation
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Diastasis Recti (DRA) and Core Strength Services

If you have not yet been diagnosed with a diastasis recti by your practitioner, come in for a free belly check. We will guide you through your options during that appointment.

If you have been diagnosed with a diastasis recti, review our services below and choose to begin your DRA rehab with the Private Guided Program, Individual Initial Session or Group Initial Session.

If you do not yet have a diastasis recti but want to learn safe and effective exercises for your core and pelvic floor, check out our Core Strength and Prenatal Training sessions.

Free Belly Checks (new clients only)

Every belly should be checked for a diastasis! During your free belly check we will determine the width of the DRA and the health of the connective tissue. We will also use this time to answer your questions and help you decide which DRA rehab program is right for you.

Private Diastasis Rehab Program (6-week)

This is a one-on-one program where we customize your sessions to help you heal your DRA and strengthen your core so that you can get back to healthy function and the activities you love. The program includes:

  • Three one-on-one DRA rehab sessions. One at Week 1 (90 mins.), Week 3 (60 mins.) and Week 6 (60 mins.)
  • One 15-minute adjunct manual therapy appointment (based on need; could include fascial release, adhesion break-up or chair massage)
  • Three Pulse-electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy sessions (link)
  • The Tupler Technique® guidebook and Diastasis Rehab splint®
  • A kinesio taping session (if needed)
  • Unlimited support throughout the 6 weeks to answer any questions and receive guidance through any road blocks
  • Free belly checks through week 18


Individual Diastasis Rehab Initial Session

In this 90-minute session you will learn exercises and functional movements to begin healing your DRA. Follow-up sessions are recommended every three weeks to check your progress and keep you moving forward until the DRA is healed.

This session includes the Tupler Technique® guidebook. Splints can be purchased separately if needed ($50).


About Brooke and Regina

Brooke Lewis
Brooke graduated the University of Colorado Boulder with a business degree in 2000. She obtained her Group Exercise certification in 2005 and Personal Trainer certification in 2006 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Since 2006, Brooke has acquired training and certifications in Corrective Exercise Science (2008); Weight Management (2010); Prenatal Exercise (2010), diastasis rehab (2014) and Functional Movement Systems (2016). She completed her Yoga Teacher training in 2010 followed by Prenatal Yoga Teacher training (2011). Brooke is married and has two young boys.

Regina Rodriguez
Regina graduated the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 1994 with 1100+ hours of clinical massage therapy training. Since 1994, Regina has acquired training, licensing and certifications in childbirth education (1998); birth doula (1994); breastfeeding education (2005); postpartum doula (1996); clinical hypnosis (2002); kinesio taping (CKTP 2012); lymphatic channeling (1994) and diastasis rehab (2014). Regina is the founder and creative director of Harmony’s Family Cooperative and the owner of Women’s Integrative Massage, where she leads a team of clinical bodyworkers who support women in all life stages, specializing in the reproductive years. Regina enjoys cooking and sharing meals, moving to music with friends, exploring nature and all manner of growing and connecting with her immediate and extended tribes.